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 The Team

Below is a list of team members needed, along with roles and materials each member will need.


-          Assemble the team

-          Serve as a spiritual leader for the team

-          Work with parish continuation committee to send invitations to all Christ Renews alumni

-          Back up the Lay Director

-          In the case that a team member is unable to perform his/her duties on the day of the retreat, CSD will serve as the emergency backup (i.e. Witness, Hospitality support, etc.)

CSD Materials:
Preparation Timeline
The Process/ All Links

Lay Director / Facilitator

-          Keep team organized and run formation meeting

-          Keep the retreat on schedule

-          “MC” the retreat, introducing speakers and announcing activities

-          Bring all materials for retreat day to retreat center (handouts / table tents for men/women/couple tables)

Lay Director / Facilitator Materials:
The Process/ All Links
Retreat Script

Witness: Interior Life

-          Give Interior Life talk (25 minutes + song)

Interior Life Witness Materials:
Interior Life Witness Outline

Witness: Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy

-          Give Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy talk (25 minutes + song)

Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy Witness Materials:
Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy Witness Outline


Hospitality Coordinator

-          Coordinate with CSD as needed for RSVPs

-          Transportation

-          Order lunch food

-          Pick up breakfast the morning of the retreat

-          Call retreatants 1-2 weeks before to confirm / check in (see “Confirmation Call Script” below)

-          Communicate room set up with retreat center

Hospitality Coordinator Materials:

Confirmation Call Script

Prayer Support

-          Consists of any volunteers not discerned to a role above

-          Assist Hospitality Coordinator with welcoming calls

-          Lift team up in prayer throughout the mission process

-          Greet retreatants morning of retreat

Prayer Support Materials:


For a printable version of the above, please click here.


Questions about Encounter Christ? Email info@myfaithwalk.org and we will be happy to assist.