The Future 

Encounter Christ is designed to be a self-perpetuating retreat. Parishioners who have attended an Encounter Christ weekend are invited to discern whether they feel called to help with the next retreat. Everything you need to plan Encounter Christ can be found in this online manual.

Encounter Christ does not have a formation period, nor is it a long-term commitment. Encounter Christ is a spiritual booster shot designed to let attendees encounter Jesus wherever they are. Our prayer is that this retreat reinvigorates the fire that is held in the hearts of the faithful for Christ. We pray that the retreat inspires action and change in parishioner lives that launches you deeper into your faith walk.

It is at a parish’s discretion how often to schedule an Encounter Christ retreat. Responsibility for the faithful continuation of this experience is shared by both the retreat leaders, and those who most recently experienced the Encounter Christ with Jesus.

If your parish has questions, or would like to help spread the accessibility of this retreat to neighboring parishes, please contact us and we will be happy to walk with you in this journey.


Questions about Encounter? Email and we will be happy to assist.