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The Process 

Hosting an Encounter Christ retreat takes prayer, time, and a bit of organization. The first thing that needs to be done is to get Pastoral approval to host an Encounter Christ weekend. Once your Pastor approves, it is important to help him discern a Co Spiritual Director who will assemble the team and facilitate the early stages of the planning process.

Preparation for an Encounter Christ weekend consists of the following:

  1. Review the Preparation Timeline

    This timeline has details of all meetings and deadlines within the planning process. Please refer to it prior to jumping into the below information.

  2. Discern your team

  3. Invite your parish

  4. Assemble Encounter in a Box

    The box, once assembled, will include all supplies needed for the retreat.

  5. Print Handouts for the retreat


Questions about Encounter Christ? Email info@myfaithwalk.org and we will be happy to assist.