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The following is a step-by-step process for those who are considering making a weekend, or for those of you who are thinking of extending an invitation to a friend or family member. Each of the 6 videos below are short, easy to digest, and each contains a powerful message.

Whether you're making a weekend or extending an invite, we recommend looking at one video a month in advance of the weekend to allow time to reflect. If your weekend is sooner than later, feel free to pursue each exercise as you feel called.

Recognizing that each of us is in a different place on the journey, all 6 videos may or may not apply. You may select any or all that you believe to be appropriate. If you have the time to navigate this site, you will find other materials that might be more appropriate for the journey.

To view or send a video, click on one of the links below.


Other Options:

Word Among Us - Bishop Barron's site, updated daily with 3-minute meditations on mass readings, also including inspirational essays, information about the saints, and more.

Apologetics - Answers to common questions about Catholicism.

Sacraments - Information on the 7 sacraments of the Catholic Church, including 2 short videos explaining their importance.

Ascension Presents - Entertaining, faith-filled content and videos from multiple presenters, including Fr. Mike Schmitz.