Discussion Questions

First Reading
Genesis 12:1-4a

1. What was Abraham’s response to God’s request? Does this incident relate to your Lenten experience in any way? How? God called Abraham out of his homeland to start something new. Does God sometimes call you out of your comfort zone or your favorite chair to start something new?

2. God gives a unique blessing at the start of Abraham’s journey. What would be a “blessing” for you? For whom are you a “blessing”?

Second Reading
2 Timothy 1:8b-10

1. Are we all baptized as missionary disciples to become a living Gospel in the world? Will that involve some hardship? What does Paul’s letter to Timothy say about this? Will it involve some joy?

2.  In this reading what does St. Paul specify that saves us, grace and or our works? Or could it be that both count? Notice where he says, “Bear your share of hardship for the Gospel with the strength that comes from God.”

Matthew 17:1-9

1. In his Transfiguration, Jesus invited three of his disciples (and us) to gaze at him. Do you ask yourself every night when you saw Jesus during the day?

2. We all need to go up the mountain to a place of silence, so we can better hear the voice of God. At least so says Pope Francis. Why can’t we just stay there praying?

Encounter with God in prayer inspires us anew to “descend the mountain” and return to the plain where we meet many brothers weighed down by fatigue, sickness, injustice, ignorance, poverty both material and spiritual. To these brothers in difficulty, we are called to bear the fruit of that experience with God, by sharing the grace we have received. And this is curious. When we hear the Word of Jesus, when we listen to the Word of Jesus and carry it in our heart, this Word grows. Do you know how it grows? By giving it to the other!

Pope Francis, March 16, 2014

Anne Osdieck

**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson