Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. As Catholics, we are called to witness to one another the amazing things God has done for us. The CRHP process allows us to do just that—take a break from our busy lives, share our faith with others, and get to know God through His works.


The Evening of Reflection is a night to re-center and re-focus. It is meant to help us reflect on how we have changed throughout the Christ Renews process, as well as how we can strive to be more holy moving forward. The date and location for the next EOR will be announced soon.


Holy Family School of Faith Institute was established in 2005 by Archbishop Naumann. They provide doctrinal and spiritual formation for Catholics through catechetical programs that stress the call to prayer, virtue, and holiness of life, with a particular emphasis on mentoring those who have the responsibility to teach the faith to others, with the goal of renewing the culture of our Catholic schools and individuals. 


Christ's Peace House of Prayer was founded on the scripture texts "Be still and know that I am God ( Ps 46:11)" and "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples (Is 56:7)" , and strives to offer Christ's peace to people of all religious backgrounds who are seeking prayerful refuge and sacred solitude.


The Fathers of St. Joseph is a confraternity of men who follow the timeless wisdom and example of the man who was father to the Son and son of the Father. With St. Joseph as our leader, each father strives to become as he became – an icon of God the Father. 

Local Contact: Phil Hernandez


The Ignatian Spirituality Center of Kansas City’s mission is to assist people of varied faith traditions to explore and deepen their relationships with God in Jesus Christ. The Center bases its ministry on the Spiritual Exercises and spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola.


Men Under Construction is an annual Catholic Men's conference with dynamic speakers, special talks, sacraments, wisdom, inspiration. We rely on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and on each other as His Mystical Body here on earth. We are committed to providing men resources on their faith journey.


Cursillos in Christianity is a movement which, by its own method, attempts from within the Church, to give life to the essential Christian truths in the singularity, originality and creativity of the person. Cursillo begins with three days [weekend] of joyful living and sharing – a short but intense course in Christianity.  The Cursillo weekend is an encounter with oneself, Christ, and others.


Kairos is a student-led retreat that focuses on gaining a better understanding of God, self, and others.  Church of the Ascension has modified the program slightly from the Catholic school model to accommodate the weekend time frame and has an intentional focus on the culture that is created.  That it be Christ centered, Catholic at its core, and open to all students if they are open to the experience.


Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO) reaches students around the country, bringing them back to Christ and the fullness of the Catholic faith. We build evangelistic communities that provide a unique quality and depth of formation in the Catholic faith and life


City on a Hill is a vibrant ministry seeking to serve young adults in their 20's and 30's in and around the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri. City on a Hill provides unique opportunities for young adults to grow closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, catechesis, the sacraments, formation, small groups, retreats, fellowship, and service.


Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is an offering to youth and young adults to experience of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus. Through evangelization and catechesis, this intergenerational movement facilitates spiritual growth of youth and young adults with a community of adult mentors. TEC calls forth one’s goodness for service in the Church and world.


The Kansas City Office of Vocations is the Archdiocesan resource for men and women looking to discern religious life. 


The Kansas City Office of Marriage and Family Life is the Archdiocesan resource for couples looking for Marriage Preparation, Marriage Enrichment, Natural Family Planning, encouragement in difficult situations, and more.

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Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas provides a wide range of specialized programs and services that span from the beginning to life’s end. They help with immediate survival needs including food, clothing, and shelter.  Additionally, they educate, give guidance, and provide resources that will result in long-term change.  All services provided are based on need — not religion, race or nationality.


The Catholic Education Foundation believes that all children who seek a Catholic education, one that offers both quality and faith, should be given the opportunity. In order to do this, they provide three scholarship programs for students in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.


The Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas has become a key source for education, support, and training for parishes and organizations across the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas through effective, ethical leadership. They work with donors and their advisors to design gifts to fit their individual needs while minimizing taxes to maximize the impact of a person’s gift.


Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers, located in Shawnee and Overland Park, support women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. All of their services are free including pregnancy tests, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, counseling, and more. 


St. Dismas Prison Outreach coordinates parishioners from the Archdiocese of Kansas City who volunteer each week to visit inmates at the Olathe and Gardner detention centers to read scripture and administer the Holy Eucharist.


Catholic Cemeteries provides perpetual care for eight cemeteries in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties, Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Topeka and Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Lansing. As a ministry of the Catholic Church, they bury the dead with dignity and respect; they comfort the living with compassion and concern; and they provide sacred space for remembering.