Working with the Word

Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: hating … even his own life, carry his own cross, come after me, calculate the cost

To the point: Discipleship requires both renunciation and calculation. Those who wish to follow Jesus must renounce everyone and everything that gets in the way of a single-minded response to Jesus’ invitation to be his disciple. At the same time, disciples are not naively to follow Jesus. They must calculate and consent to the cost—the price is giving their all, even their own life. What the One who calls gives disciples in return, however, is beyond calculation—fullness of new Life

Connecting the Gospel …

... to the first reading: The reading from Wisdom reminds us that “the deliberations of mortals are timid.” Jesus, however, challenges us to be anything but timid. With bold calculation and conviction we are to embrace the cross. This is the way of discipleship.

... to experience: Jesus in this Gospel is not negating meals with family and friends! He is teaching us that our generosity must extend beyond our immedi- ate circle to include everyone—especially those in need—whom we might meet.


**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson