Working for the Word

Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phraseseaf, speech impediment, Be opened, deaf hear, mute speak

To the point: “Be opened!” Jesus commands the deaf-mute man as he heals him. This encounter, however, is more than a matter of physical healing. It is a sign of salvation: God's superabundant life breaking open the closed human condition. Further, what Jesus commands with respect to the deaf-mute man, he commands with respect to us. When we encounter Jesus, he commands, "Be opened!" and we too are healed: our ears are opened to hear the Good News and our tongues are loosened to proclaim it.

Connecting the Gospel …

… to the First Reading: Isaiah's poetic vision presents a world redeemed by God's saving power. What Isaiah communicates through poetry, Jesus communicates through action.

… to experience: We tend to think of salvation in terms of heaven and the hereafter. The readings open us to salvation as encountering and hearing God now.


**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson