Working for the Word

Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: stood in their midst, Why are you troubled?, Touch me and see, ate it in front of them

To the point:  In face of Thomas's obstinate unbelief, Jesus is remarkably serene and understanding when he returns a week later and meets Thomas where he is. Jesus incarnates the Peace with which he greets the disciples and manifests forgiveness in his encounter with Thomas. He sends disciples forth With firsthand experience of the ministry with which he entrusts them: grant- ing forgiveness and spreading peace.

Connecting the Gospel …

… to the Second Reading:  Peter is able to witness to the reality of Jesus' resurrection and call his hearers to repentance because he himself has experienced repentance and forgiveness, and the new life this brings.

… to experience: In our judicial system the most credible witnesses are eyewitnesses close to the event. We are eyewitnesses to the resurrection of Jesus—even though we are far removed from the historical event—when we recognize the risen Lord among and within us, forgive and seek forgiveness of one another, and faithfully feast at his table. He is alive!

**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson