Working for the Word

Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: Son of Man to be glorified, if it dies, produces much fruit, loses, preserve, serves me, honor, lifted up

To the point:  The challenge of this gospel is to serve others, lose one's life, and die. All this, to gain new life. Disciples do this in imitation of Jesus. Discipleship therefore, means a lifelong growing into dying and rising. Learning to serve, we understand what losing our life means. Losing our life, we understand what dying means. Dying, we receive the fruit: fullness of life and a share in Christ's glorification.

Connecting the Gospel …

… to the First Reading: What Jeremiah anticipates (“the days are coming”) Jesus fulfills (“Now is the time”). What is anticipated and fulfilled? A new covenant with all people, a new people now drawn to Jesus himself.

… to experience: In our society people often strive to gain glory (self-aggrandizement) for themselves, even if it means hurting others. Followers of Jesus strive to gain glory too. But their glory is a free gift of God granted to those who serve others by dying to self.


**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson