Discussion Questions

First Reading
Amos 7:12-15

F1. How do you feel about rejection? Can you think of any prophet who didn’t experience rejection? They chased Amos out of Bethel. When you think something needs to be done that makes everyone uncomfortable? What are some situations today that need prophets? What do you do? Are you willing to take on the job?

F2.  Amos points out that he had been a shepherd and it wasn’t his idea to be a prophet anyway. Are education, occupation, eloquence, talent or intelligence prerequisites for a prophet? Then what is necessary? If you were called to be a prophet, would you be as reluctant as Amos was? Would you be willing to leave your comfort zone?

Second Reading
Ephesians 1:3-14 or 1:3-10

S1. Can you accept St. Paul’s statement that we have been in the mind of God from all eternity, before the creation of the world? What is your response?

S2. “In him we also … were sealed with the promised holy Spirit.” Has the Holy Spirit been active in your life: guiding, fixing, enlightening, giving courage, helping you trust? Has God lavished his grace on you through the Holy Spirit this year; this week; today?

Mark 6:7-13

G1. “Evangelizing” means to bring the Good News to all humanity, and through its influence to make humanity new, transform it from within. Can you yourself transform humanity around you in your daily life?

G2. Pope Francis says that the gospel “must be proclaimed in poverty.” Jesus wanted the disciples to have a “no frills attached” attitude—“no food, no sack, no money in their belts.” How does this kind of detachment and trust in God help disciples heal the “wounded and oppressed” that the Pope mentions?

This is the mission of the Church: the Church that heals, that cares [for people]. I sometimes describe the Church as a field hospital. True, there are many wounded, how many wounded! How many people who need their wounds to be healed! This is the mission of the Church: to heal the wounded hearts, to open doors, to free [people], to say that God is good, God forgives all, that God is our Father, God is tender, that God is always waiting for us. ...

Pope Francis, Mass at Casa Santa Marta,
February 2, 2015

Anne Osdieck

**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson