Discussion Questions

First Reading1
Isaiah 22:19-23

F1.  Are there ways in which Eliakim, son of Hilkiah, is a prototype in this reading of the ultimate leader, Christ. What does Eliakim have in common with Peter? How does the “key” mentioned in this reading relate to the “keys” in the Gospel?

F2. God says he will fix Eliakim like a peg in a sure spot to be a place of honor for his family. This and other metaphors in the First Reading indicate God’s support for him. What other qualities or virtues do you look for in Church leadership, besides having a solid faith?

Second Reading2
Romans 11:33-36

S1. “For who has know the mind of the Lord?” Are you good at discernment of God’s presence in your actions? Are you able to know where God is leading you, or what God is doing in your life?

S2. Can you see your whole life as a way to worship God? Does your fear ever give way to love?

Matthew 16:13-20

G1.  To answer Jesus’ question, “Who do you say I am,” you have to know him. Which of the following could help you know Jesus:

homeless people
music by Vivaldi
Michelangelo's David
a good homily
a good book
good friends

Can you find (and get to know) God in all things?

G2. Discuss Pope Francis’ Morning Meditation from February 20, 2014:

We come to know him “in the daily encounter with the Lord, each day. Through our victories and through our weaknesses.” …
We come to know Jesus … as disciples on the path of life, following behind him … This is a work of the Holy Spirit, who is a great worker: he is not a union organizer, [but] he is a great worker. And he is always at work in us: and he carries out this great work of explaining the mystery of Jesus, and of giving us the mind of Christ.

Pope Francis, But who do you say that I am?

Anne Osdieck

**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson