Working with the Word

Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: locked, fear, Peace, Peace, I send you, Receive the Holy Spirit, forgive

To the point: One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is peace. This peace is not a passive state of tranquility, but an empowering force that allays our fears, urges us forth to take up Jesus’ mission, and instills in us forgiving hearts. This peace transforms how we see ourselves, how we pursue discipleship, and how we relate to the world and one another. Certainly, this peace is life encompassing and enduring. How much more so is Jesus’ gift of the Holy Spirit!

Connecting the Gospel …

… to First Reading: The Second Reading alludes to the same empowering force as does the gospel: the Spirit bestows “spiritual gifts,” calls us to “different forms of service,” and manifests “different workings” such as forgiveness. All this for the benefit of the Body of Christ.

… to experience: We often think Jesus’ mission is given only to professional parish staff and other church ministers. All of us are called, however, to take up the mission of Jesus because of the Holy Spirit given to us at our baptism.

**From Saint Louis University

Kristin Clauson